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The Kimberley Academy

Listen to Nitro's Night in Kimberley featuring our Seniors!

​2018-2019 Tournament Schedule

September 7-9

Swift Current  Midget AAA Showcase Tournament 

October 6-8

Coquitlam  Thanksgiving Tournament

October 26-28

Detroit 2 Nations College Prep Series 

November 16-18 or Nov 30-Dec2
Mountain Meltdown Tournament 

January 31-February 3

Winnipeg Female World Sport School Challenge 

April TBD

The Kimberley Academy Showcase

April 26-28

Florida CHS Showcase Tournament  

"I have never had coaches that care more about each player. That care is shown not only on the ice, our coaches care about us as individuals and our success in life. Their main goal isn't just to make each player better at hockey, but to help the players see that each of them has a chance at success both on and off the ice"

                                                                                               -Laurel Davidson

"The Kimberley Academy has made such a huge and positive impact on my life. Being the new kid in a new town is always a bit scary, but the coaches, the team and the rest of the community eased my transition and made me feel so welcome. The coaches have prepared me for the future in ways that I never could’ve done on my own. They encouraged me to have the confidence to discover my own path."

                                                                                                   -Kim Simoneau