Upcoming Games

3 Game Series vs. Edmonton Xtreme - all games at Marysville Arena

Friday Feb. 2, 2018 @ 6:45pm - Kimberley 1 - Edmonton 8

Saturday Feb 3, 2018 @ 3:30pm - Kimberley 0 - Edmonton 11

Sunday Feb 4, 2018 @ 9am - Kimberley 0 - Edmonton 11

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The Kimberley Academy

Okotoks @ Kimberley Xpress
Date: 1-27-18
Ototoks 2  Nitro Xpress 6

Northern Rockies Classic, Missoula, MT - 2nd Place Finish

1-19-18 vs. Big Sky Wildcats 8:30pm: 6-1 W

1-20-18 vs. Lethbridge Cyclones 1:15pm: 3-1 W

1-20-18 vs. Team Idaho 7:15pm: 7-0 W

1-21-8 - Gold Medal Game vs. Lethbridge Cyclones 12:30pm 5-2 L

Prairie Thunder @ Kimberley Xpress
Date: 1-13-18
Prairie Thunder 1  Nitro Xpress 4

Airdrie Lightning  @  Nitro Xpress
Date: 1-7-18
Aidrie Lightning 3  Nitro Xpress 4

GHC Midget 1 Red  @  Nitro Xpress
Date: 12-9-17
GHC Midget 1 Red 3  Nitro Xpress 2

"The Kimberley Academy has really opened up my eyes into the hockey world. It's a great atmosphere for both newcomers and returnees. The coaching staff really helped develop me into the player I am today and I thank them for that"

-Annabelle Scott

Recent Results

"I have never had coaches that care more about each player. That care is shown not only on the ice, our coaches care about us as individuals and our success in life. Their main goal isn't just to make each player better at hockey, but to help the players see that each of them has a chance at success both on and off the ice"

-Laurel Davidson